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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Well, I am experimenting with FAMES which is an abbreviation for: Flashout, ATSC, MTASC, Eclipse, SwfMill. So far, I am in the middle of installing it at work with Win2K. I think I also have an older version of the Java compiler so I am not sure if this is going to work out.

Basically, since I had attended FITC 2006, it has been called to my attention about open source projects through Aral Balkan’s presentation. The cool thing about it is that there are a lot of people out there developing Flash tools. With FAMES, there is the possiblity of not use the Flash IDE. Something like what Flex did for the Flash community. I still think there is a place for the Flash IDE, maybe for designers. But from a coder’s perspective, I am encouraged to go to
pure flash code. It’s also faster to compile and run.

Okay, I found out that I had to update my Java JRE to 6. It turns out that flashout needs the JRE to version 5.
I will keep posted on my results on my experiments….

Merry Christmas!

Hi folks, get your download of Photoshop CS3 at adobe labs ( You can find the ariticle here.

Pretty much Bill Perry is pushing for mobile device development using Photoshop. (Mobile devices are a hot market in Asia and Europe.)

Please note the catch that you need a CS2 key. The beta alone is enabled for 2 days.

Recently, I am working on my church’s website to add a dynamic flash banner at the top by implementing a “features” section. I do this by using xml to apply different features in a list. A user can click a feature number and see its corresponding feature .swf file. But for the past two weeks on and off, I was unable to pull it off since I am using the XPath API. I realized that I had to use the “import” statement (eg. import mx.xpath.XPathAPI) in my “Actions” layer AND in my “Functions” layer. Where before I only applied it my Functions script. It seems that you need to use the “import” statement whenever you needed it.

I am a regular reader on to watch the video replays. Recently they updated their video with a flash interface. Double click on the flash video window and you get a full screen version. Looking at NHL replays are gonna be sweet!

I gotta comment that opening new windows via Javascript with flash files embeded is a beast to wrestle with. I think I have to write a tutorial on this.

Not only do we have to address the EOLAS patent issue, but the way calling new popup windows from IE leaves the status bar open. IE did this to address security issues to help the user to see what is being uploaded.

Also the windows are guaranteed to open within the desktop. So your window boundaries would not appear outside the desktop space. Therefore IE would “resize” itself.

I work with many projects that either use full screen applications or popup windows and it is difficult to work with.