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Monthly Archives: January 2007

The obvious benefit of using shared libraries is for re-usablity of assets. I am currently working on a project using localization via xml, css, and shared libraries. This is a challenging task to undertake. So far, I had to load the library in my main presentation swf which loaded separate swfs for each page of content. What’s going on is that the shared library is being loaded everytime I load a new swf. This is very inefficient. I am now looking into preloading and swf management with a single library asset. Somehow, levels implementation might be involved. Stay tuned…

In regard to shared libraries, I recommend to check out:

For a couple of years, Matthew David has been maintaining the informit Flash reference (see informit) I get a new article every week and check out his blogs. Recently, I have seen him pop up in various other sites of informit notably talking about apple ipods, and now .net 3.0. I am just wondering who’s running the show now?

Looking over at Grant Skinner’s blog and gave a lecture on the enhanced performance of the Flash 9 player using Actionscript 3 using of all things 3D. Yes, Flash is bringing 3D to a browser near you. What you’ll see is an x-wing fighter flying through space dodging other x-wings, tie fighters and the deathstar.
Check out this link:

as 3 demo

Recent news from the latest flash conference – Flash Forward at Macworld. Mike Downey, the Flash product manager, gave a presentation on the new features of the UI of Flash CS 3. It’s UI is streamlined with the rest of the Adobe tools; (for example vector illustration tools in Flash will behave the same as that in Illustrator). Apart from the ugly flash logo, it’s like a kid anticipating Christmas his/her Christmas gift.

Please see:


Just checking the site and discovered a new release to Sorenson Squeeze at version 4.5.3 which includes encoding alpha channels while scaling (I believe that you need to get the ON2 plug-in for this), click and pop noise reduction for mp3’s, and better noise reduction.

Details at:

I just recently tried to install Sorenson 4.5 and found out that I had to upgrade it from 4.3 to 4.5. Frankly, I haven’t seen the need to upgrade just yet though it is affordable at $39 US. At the same time, I am stuck because I would also like to create Flash video with the On2 codec to use alpha channels. So a Squeeze user would need to add the On2 plugin with their software. I’m currently biding my time until CS3 comes out and get to play with it.

Another thing, Sorenson media also released a java plugin called “Sorenson Squish”. It is a means whereby users can upload and publish their videos in other formats into flvs for video sites. Since the Youtube explosion, there are now a ton of sites using Flash video.
I have recently did a Flash Video – Slide presentation with cue points by using a tool called “Captionate” (not to be confused with Adobe “Captivate”). Personally, this is the best way to edit cue points into an flv file. It’s because if you want to add or remove cuepoints, you have to re-render your flvs from Flash or Squeeze with the modified cue points.