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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Just wanted to vent my frustration after forgetting to write:

some_xml.ignoreWhite = true;

of which I could not render a simple slideshow.

It wasn’t really for me, I couldn’t stay either because of work. Maybe another time. I hope they send me an email with a discount for Adobe stuff though! And I got in a free croissant and coffee in. 😀

Yup, now Flash video will start penetrating the cell phone market. See the article here

A new Flash media encoder? Hmmm… Look like a nice time to try it out. I have been reluctant to get the upgrade for Sorenson squeeze since I have not found a good reason to upgrade it with exception to obtain the On2 vp6 plug-in.

Check it out at

I have been looking for an application that would manage large amounts of digital pictures, apply editing across selected images (e.g. color corrections), and export to a Flash slideshow. I think this could be a very good application for such a purpose though it is mainly geared to professional photographers. It is now available for pre-order at the Adobe store for $199, which is not too bad. I am likely to download the beta and tinker around with it. I hope my computer can handle it. I had a rude awakening that I could not install a trial version of Premiere Pro CS2.

Check it out at