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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Erain , the makers of Swift3D (is the tool where you can create 3D objects in vector format) should be coming out with a new version of Swift 3D soon. (Version 5)

My friend Lucas came back from FITC 2007 and got this card with a 15% discount for Swift3D version 5. I said, “Oh wow!” But as soon as I get to the site (, they’re still at version 4.5. I am wondering when this will come out?

It might be that they are trying to focus on their StandOut program.


CNET news gave an update on Flex 3.

Here are some notes.

  • The Flex 3 beta comes out in June of which will be released by the end of this year. (November?)
  • Open sourcing Flex follows Adobe’s initiative of pushing more developers to code RIA apps for Apollo. Last year, Adobe donated its Actionscript engine to the Mozilla foundation who make Firefox.

Click here.

If anyone has any comments as to what this really means, please let me know.


First, there was now here comes:

Use this new community site to host open source projects built with Adobe technologies—from ColdFusion apps to Photoshop plug-ins to Flash ActionScript libraries.

Aaron Silvers ( wrote a sample SCORM 1.2 course which uses the ExternalInterface class for AS2. This is a good example for creating Flash e-learning courses.

Thanks Aaron!

– DJ

Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium Oh boy, is my mouth ever watering with the release of the Adobe Creative Suite! (Down boy! Down boy!)


Currently, I am learning about ToonBoom studio ( I still need to learn some fundamental things about templates (Libraries) and cut-out design. I hope to get this down pat soon. I am itching to do some AS3 Code.



I think it was about time that Adobe created a flash media player for the desktops. In a sense, Adobe has the advantage of releasing the Apollo runtime player in different platforms. Also, they will not force people to place any proprietary logos onto their players. This gives me more incentive to learn Apollo and create applications with it. (Our usergroup is looking into creating a workshop dedicated on Apollo.) Very interesting!

In my opinion, Microsoft’s player is still Windows dependent, with a heavier download into our systems. I doubt they will attract any Apple or Linux users out there. (Okay, so I am biased! I might have a peek at it. This is my message to Microsoft, “How can you convince me when there is a big push for Flash developers out there?”)