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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Electric Rain, makers of Swift 3D has posted development on a Flash SWF to XAML converter at it’s site.

Click here.

Apparently, Electric Rain is full out on the WPF bandwagon. Obviously, they have placed Swift3D version 5 on the backburner. I wouldn’t be surprised if their next version would export to XAML for silverlight.

On another note, it is my impression that some developers that use Microsoft Visual studio would be glad to switch over to Silverlight development. Perhaps Adobe should pay attention to developer’s needs and give them what they really want. Currently, it is accepted that the Flash CS3 has a subpar IDE with a slow compile time. That is why Flex has been given lots of attention.


I can’t say that I know Claude, but he is the first thing I learned about e-learning through his whitepaper “In the Eye of the SCORM” which specifies the SCORM spec. Going around the internet, I saw his name in various community posts notably the forums. Clearly, he had such a passion for his work in e-learning technology. God be with you, Claude…



A whole slew of things that you can find at

Flash Player 9 update – this includes full screen movie rendering that uses DirectX on windows and OpenGL on Mac

Flex 3 beta – These guys do not waste time to get this off the ground. I was kind of surprised that this came out especially when the Flex 2 book at O’ came out.

Apollo is now AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime); The Apollo codename is now transformed into AIR

All of these are available for free for your geeky pleasure.


Nurun is a marketing company that employs the use of Adobe Flash in many of their projects. The Flash team lead, Fréderic Caron and company created a site to demystify the accusations that have brought to the Flash platform. Hence, they created

There are other things that I like about Flash is that you worry less about cross-platform issues. I remember the day when I programmed DHTML code for a year and had to accomodate IE and Netscape together. It was a big pain and the project eventually was way over-budget. Anyway, this seems to be going toward a Flash versus Web 2.0 / AJAX comparison.

The point is that Flash is a good platform to use for web development and has a high penetration of users who can access Flash based content in whatever platform.

’nuff said. I’m going back to work.


I have stumbled again to a flash tutorial site but this one involves sound. Sound has a powerful effect on animations. It’s funny that most of these principles that I have seen in this site is similar to Acid Pro by Sony media. Anyway, it’s a very good reference. Check it out!

Flash sound tutorials are found at!



As promised in our last meeting dates for the next 3 UG meetings are confirmed. All 3 meetings will start at 6:30 PM the duration still to be determined.

– July 26th
– August 23rd