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Monthly Archives: March 2009


I use facebook to catch up on old classmates, family and collegues. (I was introduced to it via the students at university and college students at my church, most students that I work with are connected via Facebook.)

See devnet’s article for flash development with facebook. (You can also check out the Facebook developer site as well.) I have to admit my first Facebook widget was the Jetman game. But I cheated when I found a way to slow it down using a bandwidth throttler. 😀


Here’s an interview from AdobeTV:

  • Going to Flashcamp Montreal this afternoon. Oh Lord, puhlease get this deliverable out the door!!!! #
  • Checking out Brimelow’s new tutorial. #
  • @oscartrelles Daughters remember everything! Mine always remember to take them out to the restaurant. #
  • @ddura I still don’t get who or what Starbuck is. Why do the cylons know so much about her? I hope there will be an extended DVD version. #

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Yesterday, Adobe labs released a 64 bit Flash player alpha for Linux. I kind of wish where is the state of the flash player for Windows. Last Fall, I had upgraded my desktop to Vista Ultimate, and bought a new laptop with 64 bit Vista Home premium. Obviously there is an emergence of the 64 bit operating systems that come along with new windows-based systems.

It is a nice step for Adobe to persue 64 bit computing and media development. (e.g. Photoshop CS4 64 bit) But there is one thing that I wish for is to have a 64 bit Flash player. I do not delight realizing that IE’s default browser is its 64 bit equivalent and I cannot run a single embedded Flash element in it while I am developing my e-learning courses when my default browser opens IE 64 bit. There is bound to be a greater demand very soon.

For now, Adobe suggests that we use the 32 bit version of IE. I suppose I will need to uninstall 64 bit IE until Adobe comes out with a 64 bit player.

But as I ponder about this, if Silverlight manages to penetrate the browser market with 64 OS’s that is shipped with new laptops and desktops, they can put more pressure on Adobe to release a new 64 bit player. (Of course, they would need to ante up their marketing for the MAC userbase and testing beforehand.)

Maybe an announcement at MAX 2009 would be a good time (or even better at another conference like FITC. 😀 ).


Update (March 25th, 2009) : Grant Skinner’s gTween and Tweenlite are being merged.

There are a lot Tween engines out there. Here are a couple available for Actionscript development.

  • The FuseKit. (AS2-based tween engine. Moses Gunesch manages this site. I discovered this tween library at Lee Brimelow‘s Flash tutorial site at gotoandlearn.)
  • The GOASAP site is Moses Gunesch’s AS3 Tween engine library
  • Grant Skinner did a major rewrite of his gTween engine recently (Feb 2nd, 2009).
  • KitchenSync (I first came across this at the Head conference online conference.)
  • Tweener (Available for AS2 and AS3. The documentation is very helpful. I use this library for my AS2 development.)
  • Tweenlite (Recommended by Papervision2D’s blog.)

When I had scoured sites over the internet, I could not really find any preference over the other. With exception to Papervision 3D Tutorial site, a blogger named Charlie [If somebody can tell me his name, I would like to know] recommened Tweenlite over Tweener for its superior speed rendering. Anyway, I am sure that someone will have some kind of speed comparison tests.

  • Just finished putting out a fire. Arrrgh! I knew things were too good to be true! #
  • About LordAlex’s post… there are a bit more left spots open at Flash Camp Montreal. 😀 #
  • @bitchwhocodes Christian fundamentalists are basically creationists… #
  • Updating my references page on my blog #
  • Reformated my laptop, on Saturday. Have been trying to install Adobe E-learning suite and Adobe Production suite. Takes forever!!! #
  • @chumlee007 How are you feeling today Anthony? #
  • @chumlee007 Did not really like it. Effects were great, the story was okay. Now I don’t know whether I do like it or not. Hmph! #

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  • @chumlee007 Anthony, I am planning to see the IMAX 7pm showing today. #
  • @bitchwhocodes Isn’t Julian coming down to Flash camp Montreal for that? #
  • @LordAlex Go Alex Go! #
  • Got in and found out my two friends at work got sick. And I wanted to call in sick today! #
  • Learning about my great-grandfather Ewing who served the English army in WWI !!!! Way cool! #
  • @tekool Hmm… Not familiar with it. #
  • @tekool You got a video tutorial on this? This is very interesting!!! #
  • @zedia I’ll see you there dude! #

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I like to play around with Swift3D in Flash, but not Erain has released a Swift3D plugin for Photoshop CS4 Extended. It helps out in creating simple 3D objects in a Photoshop environment. Using this with Photoshop filters really is cool.


Tutorials :

If you already have a Swift3D serial number, you can purchase the plugin for $99. Others can get a 15% discount for the full version at $149.


  • @Zedia, are you planning to go to FlashCamp on March 26th? #
  • @Zedia Hi! thanks for following me on Twitter! Interesting that you worked on a PureMVC template for flash. How goes it? #

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While trying out Lee Brimelow’s Flex tutorial, I encountered an error in relation to debugging in Flex Builder 3 with Flash Player 10 player with this message:

“Flex Builder cannot locate the required debug version of the Flash Player. You may need to install the debug version of Flash Player 9.0 or reinstall Flex Builder. Do you want to try to debug with the current version?”

I was wondering if the error had to do with installing Flash CS4 after installing Flex Builder 3.2. I realized that the standard debug player was After scouring many sites, but I think the proper solution could be found at the Dublin Adobe User Group’s site.

I downloaded the lastest Flash 10 debug player, placed it in the Flash CS4 player folder (ie. C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Flash CS4/Common/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0/FP10). Thereafter, I added the path to it in Flex Builder’s flex property path (“project/properties/flex build path” in Eclipse).


  • Looking up UML editors for AS2, AS3. #
  • Getting excited about Flash Camp on March 26th in Montreal. #

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