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Monthly Archives: May 2009

  • Reading up on pixelBender article at: #
  • Looking over O’Reilly’s RIA on Flash and Facebook ( #

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  • Looking over Flash CS4 update on various blogs (the flashblog: & richard galvan’s blog: #
  • Compiling some PixelBender resources for upcoming presentation for the Montreal Flash user group ( #
  • Perusing at the Strobe framework initiative annonced by Adobe at: #

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Flash Builder Logo Found out from various blogs (flashblog & Duane’s world) that Flex Builder will now become “Flash Builder”. It is a more appropriate name for flash platform development.

The SWFMontreal (Adobe Flash Platform) usergroup will be having a meeting this Thursday at 6pm at the Atwater library. All Adobe Flash Platform developers are welcome to attend. I will give a presentation on PixelBender from what I learned at FITC.



Lee Brimelow announces an update to Flash CS4 on theflashblog that the next update for Flash CS4 is on. Last month I attended Lee’s “What’s new in Flash CS4?” workshop and admitted that there were several issues that are currently being fixed. I also heard from other developers working with it that it is buggy and tends to crash. We hope that this update can resolve all the issues.

Download or run updates via “help/updates” on the main menu of Flash CS4.


I felt uncomfortable following my Flex 3 lessons without a word wrap feature. Turns out that there were none. So in my Google search, I wound up with this:

Looks good. Procedure as follows:

1) On the Menu: Click “Help” / “Software Updates”
2) Click on the “Available Software” tab
3) Insert this url: “” in the url text field
4) Once the url has been added to the software list, right click and select “install”
5) After following the instructions, Eclipse will ask you to restart
6) In the code, right click and choose: “Virtual Word Wrap”

Your code will now appear in Word Wrap Mode.

Update (2009/05/10): Just one more comment. There is a side-effect where the line numbers display inaccurately in word-wrap mode. The author(Ahti Kitsik) mentions this in his blog as something to be addressed.

As FITC came and went at the end of April, the original developer for PureMVC Cliff Hall could not make it (sprained ankle), but Tim Willison covered for him. He posted some slides at his blog in regards to PureMVC development. He provides an example done in Flash. (I assume it to be in Flash CS4. Most examples are done in Flex. So this is a treat!)

Here are the links:


Example, Part 1, 2, 3:

Part 4, 5, 6:


  • @LordAlex I was there only on Saturday. I thought you might be going. Were you there somewhere else? #

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