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Monthly Archives: June 2009

  • @rjacquez Cool thanks! Enjoy your trip! #
  • @rjacquez Sorry I am talking about "Screen sharing" …. Thx. #
  • @rjacquez Does that mean the other suites do not have them? Just wondering. I have E-learning suite. #

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colbert_collision_detectionCasually checking out my Tweets and Peter Elst put this link up:

It is very difficult to perform collision detection. Usually, sometimes you need some kind of mathematical algorithm to carry it out. But Corey managed to do it at a pixel level and even at on gradient / alpha thresholds. Very impressive indeed! It’s funny to see the Stephen Colbert video. Highly recommended blog reading!

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  • @lisamarienyc My two girls are one year apart and people think they are twins. Not! #
  • @peterelst Facinating. I was 12 years old when I tried that. But the 3D and under 5K. Astounding! #
  • @bitchwhocodes Great idea! It’s hard to find best practices to team development. (Aside from using tools like SVN.) #
  • @zedia Awesome! #
  • Ah Flash 8 Text issues again. I wish there was a Flash Text Layout engine for AS2. 🙁 #
  • Downloading Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst Betas ( #

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I was expecting this to come around in a few days, but I suppose that Adobe was so giddy with excitement that they put out Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst on Adobe labs.

There is soooo much buzz around the Flash community about this, maybe as big as when flash video was announced way back.

One interesting site that Mike Chambers pointed out was scalenine which already provided some skins for use with Flex.

I’ve got to get my hands dirty on this…


  • Just got Actionscript 3.0 Image Effects from; Looks bigger than my Bible! #
  • @zedia I should have showed some code. I gave the same presenation yesterday to graphic artists and were more interested in the capabilities #
  • @zedia Thanks for the awesome presentation dude! #
  • Retweet @djumeau: Thanks to our Flash Tweeters at Flash on Tap #
  • Checking out the new Acrobat Presentations app on (see #

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