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Monthly Archives: October 2011

I will be attending RIA Unleashed in Boston this Thursday Oct. 27th and Friday Oct 28th. I am considering whether I should go to the Habs / Bruins game with my Habs jersey. If I do, I don’t know whether my wife would see me again.

Anyway, looking forward to attending the sessions on HTML5 gaming with Jesse Freeman. (If I wanted to learn how to program in HTML5, why not in gaming?) as well as building mobile apps with the latest Flex 4.6 SDK with Christophe Coenraets and Holly Schinsky.

Fireworks Product BoxI always had this love for Fireworks since it’s inception along with Dreamweaver back in the Macromedia days. A lot of designers that I have met have a vague idea about its use in web development. To me, I think using Photoshop for web design is plain overkill or bloated software that’s useful generally for print based production. (Of course, this is a false assumption. I find it very interesting in video and 3D development. I happen to also use onOne Software’s Perfect Mask 4 software for background image replacement.) Fireworks has its place particularly for web design, wireframing, Flex skin development, and much more…

Anyway, Fireworks CS5 has been garnering a bit of attention lately from 2011 Adobe Max last week. I recently viewed David Hogue’s “I did not know that you can do that in Fireworks” presentation on Adobe TV. Through his presentation, he gave us a wealth of tips and information on extensions and commands that you can download.

I took note of two sites dedicated for extensions and commands: