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As far as I heard from Lee Brimelow while taking a “What’s new in Flash CS4?” course at FITC last April, the help for the CS4 suites were left much to be desired because it required a connected environment to the web. There is a work around for this since the help files are actually installed on the users’ computer. (I will update this once I find my notes on this.)

I tweeted RJ Jacquez, senior product evangelist for the E-learning and Tech Comm suites, and asked him since Adobe produces Robohelp, why wasn’t a Robohelp used for the help for the CS4 suites? It turns out that they did not have enough time, but the Captivate 4 team managed to include it. (See screen shot below.) This is a taste that you will find when CS5 is released. (I hope not too soon, I am just getting used to CS4.)

Adobe version 2 is based off Adobe AIR. It has a much improved interface and using AIR’s internet detection features, a user is permitted the user to toggle between “online” and “offline” help modes via the circle icon at the bottom right corner of the interface. I really like the comment pod (see the caption icon on the menu bar on top) where you can insert private notes or upload your comments to the Adobe community.

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