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I like the idea that you can provide a runtime for multiple platforms. However, I have experienced with clients that they do not fancy the idea of installing software on their machines. It has to go through a lot of red tape on the IT side of your client. Anyway, if this really takes off, it’s cool.

In the meantime, if someone needs to build standalone executables either on a CD-ROM or as a download, you can try:

NorthCode SWF Studio, or MDM Zinc 2.5
There are other projectors and screen saver applications out there.

I personally use SWF Studio v. 2.3, and 3.2. (They’re based in Ottawa which is not far from I live in Montreal. They’ve been very helpful in terms of support.)

MDM looks like a powerful package that permits you to also build apps for the Pocket PC.


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  1. Just wanted to add that mProjector is a nice option for creating flash apps, with by far the best cross platform support (Mac OS X and Windows) and also pixel perfect flash-shaped windows on both platforms.

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