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I always look forward to this event, and it delivered a lot. I attended some hits and misses. But overall, it really was a great Flash conference. I also caught up with a lot of friends in T.O. . I’ll post some more stuff along the way. I just wanted to get this started.

I first attended the Papervision 3D workshop by Ralph Hauwert ( for a 1 day session. Usually, it is a 2 day session. So I agree that I would like to get an extra day’s worth of Papervision to get a better handle on the code. I also got to see his session on Flash 2D and 3D Effects which was a demonstration of his work with Papervision and some inspired creativity. Not only Ralph wanted to get into the creative aspects of Flash development, but my impressions from Grant Skinner and Robert Hodgin as well wanted to “Break Away” from the usual Flash Development side of things to the more creative realm of Flash. (I’d say that it is tempting for a Flash developer to raise his hands up and move over to the “Cool”-side of Flash development.)

Anyway, Papervision is cool but it is still in Beta development. I am not sure as to where its place would be once the Flash 10 comes out. (Flash 10 incorporates some forms of 3D like parallax scrolling.)

The Adobe Keynote wasn’t as breathtaking as what I saw from the videos from Adobe’s MAX 2007 event last October. I expected some variations on the development notably timeline tweening will be replaced by object tweening. (It is strikingly similar to ToonBoom Studio’s approach to tweening with “Pegs” which is their definition of tweening on steroids.) A lot of people were very impressed by the Inverse Kinematics.

The Saffron presentation by Samuel Agelias ([] a Chicago-based Flash / Flex Developer) was soooooo cool!. An AIR Application that is a UML tool that creates all the code on the fly.

Another thing that was way cool, the FDT Eclipse plugin. It supports all the Flex, and Flash coding; Type in a property that refers to an inexisting class, and FDT will insert it for you. I can’t say enough of this. It is an Actionscript coder’s dream. On the other hand (600 Euros = Approx $1200 CDN) is steep. But definitely worth taking a look.


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