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As far as I heard from Lee Brimelow while taking a “What’s new in Flash CS4?” course at FITC last April, the help for the CS4 suites were left much to be desired because it required a connected environment to the web. There is a work around for this since the help files are actually installed on the users’ computer. (I will update this once I find my notes on this.)

I tweeted RJ Jacquez, senior product evangelist for the E-learning and Tech Comm suites, and asked him since Adobe produces Robohelp, why wasn’t a Robohelp used for the help for the CS4 suites? It turns out that they did not have enough time, but the Captivate 4 team managed to include it. (See screen shot below.) This is a taste that you will find when CS5 is released. (I hope not too soon, I am just getting used to CS4.)

Adobe version 2 is based off Adobe AIR. It has a much improved interface and using AIR’s internet detection features, a user is permitted the user to toggle between “online” and “offline” help modes via the circle icon at the bottom right corner of the interface. I really like the comment pod (see the caption icon on the menu bar on top) where you can insert private notes or upload your comments to the Adobe community.

AE Icon I have been keeping running into various After Effects tutorials. This is a list what I am looking at for the past few days…



Flash Builder Logo Found out from various blogs (flashblog & Duane’s world) that Flex Builder will now become “Flash Builder”. It is a more appropriate name for flash platform development.


Lee Brimelow announces an update to Flash CS4 on theflashblog that the next update for Flash CS4 is on. Last month I attended Lee’s “What’s new in Flash CS4?” workshop and admitted that there were several issues that are currently being fixed. I also heard from other developers working with it that it is buggy and tends to crash. We hope that this update can resolve all the issues.

Download or run updates via “help/updates” on the main menu of Flash CS4.


I discovered two eclipse plugins for Flex / Flash Development:

Joa Ebert released a FBDT, a plugin to create Pixel Bender filters that is compatible for Flash CS4, Photoshop CS4 Extended, and After Effects CS4. (I attended last Saturday’s workshop with Lee Brimelow and he mentioned that there are some limitations to Pixel Bender development for Flash CS4 [e.g. no loops] in coding the pixel bender filters.) Since most developers use an external IDE e.g. Eclipse, this is very ideal instead of using the one that Adobe provides.

Rich Tretola blogged about a new Eclipse plugin for Flex code formatting (for Actionscript and MXML). This is great for those who want consistency in presenting their code.  


While trying out Lee Brimelow’s Flex tutorial, I encountered an error in relation to debugging in Flex Builder 3 with Flash Player 10 player with this message:

“Flex Builder cannot locate the required debug version of the Flash Player. You may need to install the debug version of Flash Player 9.0 or reinstall Flex Builder. Do you want to try to debug with the current version?”

I was wondering if the error had to do with installing Flash CS4 after installing Flex Builder 3.2. I realized that the standard debug player was After scouring many sites, but I think the proper solution could be found at the Dublin Adobe User Group’s site.

I downloaded the lastest Flash 10 debug player, placed it in the Flash CS4 player folder (ie. C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Flash CS4/Common/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0/FP10). Thereafter, I added the path to it in Flex Builder’s flex property path (“project/properties/flex build path” in Eclipse).


Flash Camp logo

Flash Camp is coming...

Flash Camp is coming to Montreal. Mike Potter is coming to Montreal to give us a pep talk about Flex Builder, Flash Catalyst and etc. Free food, Free t-shirts, and more…

Find out at the swfmontreal site.


Adobe Elearning Suite imageToday, Adobe announced a new suite product for e-learning development which combines Adobe Captivate, Presenter, Flash, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver and Soundbooth. (Geez, why do they tell me this now when I got the Video Production suite?)

Details are found at the Adobe E-learning Suite site.

This wasn’t the first time that Adobe (Macromedia) tried to make an attempt at this since the days I have used Authorware. It did not pan out. However, the SCORM packager tool looks very interesting. You can even run the SCORM compliant course
in Adobe Connect. I will try to follow up on this more.


I do a lot of cue point editing for flv formats at work. I usually use Captionate which inserts cuepoint data into the flv directly instead of creating it while converting a video file into flv. (e.g. Adobe Media encoder, or Sorenson Squeeze)

Recently, my collegue Anthony, found a new flv cuepoint management software called Richflv. It’s free as well as long as you have the AIR runtime installed. Other features:

  • flv editing (cutting, trimming)
  • Export to swf

I’ve observed some comments related to memory issues, and the maximum file capacity. I’ll give it a try and see how it works.