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It’s pretty easy to get excited as a web developer these days.

Last Thursday, Alan Greenblatt, and Christophe Coenraets flew up from Boston to show off Adobe’s up and coming  Edge suite of creative web tools. The main take away is this: Check out:

Alan gave a brief overview of the design tools. Particularly Edge Animate, and Edge web fonts. For those who have a good background in print design, they now have more leverage to use their skills to develop modern web sites. Also, Adobe is giving access to 500 fonts to use freely for developers. This is pretty significant since the days of Arial and Helvetica.

Christophe presented Edge Reflow, Edge Code (code named: Brackets), Edge Inspect and PhoneGap Build through his sample employee directory app. (I’ve seen the Flex version, and has also done one version with Java.) Also check out the capabilities of PhoneGap via his API Explorer app.

Edge Reflow is what’s buzzing in the web development industry. It is a tool that simplifies responsive design. It is in preview stage not even in Alpha, but there is a lot of positive feedback on it. Adobe is going through further study on it on how it can interact with other responsive design frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap.

I expect Adobe will make other announcements on Dec. 11 at the live – Create the Web event (10 am PST) on Facebook.

Currently Edge Animate and Edge Code are available on the Creative Cloud.

The SWFMontreal (Adobe Flash Platform) usergroup will be having a meeting this Thursday at 6pm at the Atwater library. All Adobe Flash Platform developers are welcome to attend. I will give a presentation on PixelBender from what I learned at FITC.


LordAlex co-authored the Friends of Ed book: “Flex for Designers” and is reviewed on two sites:

On our Montreal Adobe usergroup (click here) and I recently found a posting on the DMXZone (A tutorial site administered in Europe). They are giving away 5 books and you can download chapter 5 from this link. Click here. I talked to Lee Sutton who works for Adobe the other day, and he read it in one sitting when flying back from the West coast. He was surprised that you can also skin Flex components using Fireworks CS3.

BTW, the chapter that is freely downloadable from DMXZone involves Illustrator and Photoshop CS3. This is pretty cool considering that Flex is geared towards developers.

For more info on the book, check it out here.


Flex iconMike Potter from Adobe will be coming February 7th,2008 at Lasalle College to give us details with the upcoming new release of Flex 3. Details at:!


Unfortunately, Mike could not make it because his wife has pregnancy troubles. We’re still having the meeting and LordAlex will give the presentation. There will still be pizza, and free give aways including a copy of Flex 3.


I hope to meet a lot of people. I’m scheduled to give a presentation. I hope to whip up something fast along the lines of AIR. Maybe something with Dreamweaver CS3.

Info here.


The Montreal Adobe User Group Meeting was held last night and I broke the ice with “How to use a Wiimote for Flash games on a PC”. I just gave an overview about the requirements of accessing a Wiimote with a bluetooth adapter, and about the things we have to look out for while running the Wiiserver. I also presented the game we did. (I can’t post it for company reasons.) However, I’ll post a powerpoint on later. Maybe I can do a simple game with it and some coding. I wished Simon Harvey was there, he was the guy who programmed it in AS3.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Lee and Martin couldn’t make it. (At least we have something to talk about for the next August meeting. [That’s August 23rd folks.])

Zee Yang from Adobe came to talk about the Livecycle Enterprise Suite. He’s a graduate of Ottawa U, and loves to give presentations on Adobe technologies. He’s working with the Livecycle team. It was an interesting talk. Of course, I myself can’t afford such a thing (’cause it’s an enterprise suite), but it opens up a slew of possibilities of dynamically generating and customizing pdfs from the serverside of things. It’s really powerful and you can add policies so that it can be restricted to a particular user. (Check it out here.)

Since we had free time, and there were a lot of new people around, LordAlex and Zee talked about the Flex 3 beta on Adobe labs (Click here) and Adobe AIR (Click here) and about the possibilities for developers to work on it. (They commented that the code name “Apollo” really is a cooler name than “AIR”. LordAlex and Zee kept on using “Apollo” anyway. My friend Lucas agrees, “Apollo” sounds far out whereas “AIR” sounds as if it has no substance to it. Maybe call it the “Adobe Integrated Runtime” anyway.) I learned also that LordAlex is collaborating with Tom Green (click here for his blog) on a Flex book for designers — just in time when Flex 3 comes out.

We also had books, t-shirts, pens, and trial software of Acrobat 8 to give away.

So next time, I will post about when and where the next meeting will take place. (Aug 23rd) Also positively tell others about upcoming Adobe user group activities.



As promised in our last meeting dates for the next 3 UG meetings are confirmed. All 3 meetings will start at 6:30 PM the duration still to be determined.

– July 26th
– August 23rd


I think it was about time that Adobe created a flash media player for the desktops. In a sense, Adobe has the advantage of releasing the Apollo runtime player in different platforms. Also, they will not force people to place any proprietary logos onto their players. This gives me more incentive to learn Apollo and create applications with it. (Our usergroup is looking into creating a workshop dedicated on Apollo.) Very interesting!

In my opinion, Microsoft’s player is still Windows dependent, with a heavier download into our systems. I doubt they will attract any Apple or Linux users out there. (Okay, so I am biased! I might have a peek at it. This is my message to Microsoft, “How can you convince me when there is a big push for Flash developers out there?”)


This was a better turn out than the last meeting. It was very exciting to talk about what’s going on.

Lord Alex talked about his experiences at the Apollo Camp at San Francisco earlier this month. There is certainly some interest out there. (Aparently, the Apollo code name will be likely the product name that will be released.)

Lee Sutton gave a presentation on Adobe Acrobat. He is involved in the Digital Editions project in labs. It’s pretty cool that you can all all kinds of media elements into pdf. So pdf is much more than a print document. You can add all kinds of media elements into it. There is also an emerging e-book market out there. Imagine, download your Disney e-books with added interactivity, videos and text. Brilliant for my kids! Also there is talk about releasing a modified pdf extension .pub which will encrypt all your media content within which includes pdf, swf, movies, etc. There is a lot of flexibility in regards to security on distributing electronic documents.

Martin Arvisais gave a presentation on Flex interacting with Communication server. He whipped up a quick chat application in 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it did not work out on Apollo. Still, Apollo is in beta.

André Bouchard gave a talk on the Delegate class. (He’s Butcho on the montreal adobe user group bulletin boards.) I just realized about the importance of this class in AS 2.0 while banging my head on the key board for a couple of hours. In short the Delegate class resolves scoping issues. What was great was that Francis Bourre that created the pixLib classes developed a better implementation of the class by adding parameters to the class. I have to give a presentation at work. It will greatly benefit.

I also got a spanking new book on “Flash Applications for Mobile Devices” as a thank you from Lord Alex. I was even considering buying the e-book on this. Cool!

A whole bunch of them are also planning a trip to FITC 2007 April 22nd (Sunday) – 24th (Tuesday). Oh how I would like to go, but my fifth child will be born around that time. Maybe next year!