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Category Archives: Flash Animation

No Flash is not dead.

Adobe released an update to Flash Professional CC to include export HTML5 animations using the canvas tag. Previously in CS6, it was provided as an extension for the CreateJS framework. Now, it is fully integrated into the application. I expected Flash to go this route as it is already a very good platform for creating lightweight animations for the web.

Flash Professional CC December 2013 Update

Flash Professional CC 2013 December Update


Paul Trani (see below) and Joseph Labreque give a general overview on the update.

I inadverdently zoomed in and out of my Flash timeline in Flash CS6. After scouring the internet, I found this post:

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to restore my timeline to its default zoom setting. I wonder if anyone in internet-land knows about this?


I stumbled upon this while reading Chris Georgenes’ web blog. He released some cool things about animation and using Adobe Flash CS3. He will also be releasing a book on how to cheat in Flash animation. Some of the animations I have already seen in previous video tutorials. See (

Overall, the workshop tutorials are like candy to me 🙂 More stuff to learn and no time to go through it.

For all the tutorial videos regarding the CS3 line, see: