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Category Archives: Flash Builder (formerly Flex Builder)

Adobe has introduced their game developer tools for the Flash platform. (Now available on the creative cloud.)

Adobe Scout - Profiler for Flash Development Scout (formerly project Monacle) gives the developer a superior profiling tool during development and optimization of flash-based content.

Adobe Gaming SDKThe Adobe Gaming SDK includes libraries for Starling, Feathers, and Away3D. It leverages usage of your target device GPU.

Flash C/C++ CompilerThe Flash C/C++ compiler (formerly Alchemy) takes your C/C++ code to target the Flash player. (Update: This has now been open-sourced as Flash Crossbridge on github:

I had thought that that the updater for Flash Builder 4.0 wasn’t working out for me via Eclipse or so I assumed. While I was taking Seb Lee Delisle’s video series on Papervision 3D 2 training on I noticed that creating a new Actionscript project did not include the Flex 4.1 SDK. Then I thought “Wasn’t Flash Player 10.1 released recently?”

So after playing around with Eclipse and scouring the web, I landed on insideRIA and decided that the manual update was my best bet. But that did not pan out since the the manual update failed.

So finally by checking the Adobe Flex Support page, I had to pay attention to “Eclipse plug-in Users” heading instead of “Stand-alone Users.” Plugin users have to uninstall their plugin and reinstall the new plugin. BTW, by default, the stand-alone is offered so just scroll down the combo box to choose the Eclipse Plugin. (See screen shot below.)

Alas, this is part of my learning process of migrating as a Flash developer from the Flash IDE with FlashDevelop to Flash Builder.

So if anyone who is wondering why Flash Builder hasn’t updated on their eclipse build, check it out here at


Choose Eclipse Plugin

Select the Eclipse Plugin in the dropdown box.

I was expecting this to come around in a few days, but I suppose that Adobe was so giddy with excitement that they put out Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst on Adobe labs.

There is soooo much buzz around the Flash community about this, maybe as big as when flash video was announced way back.

One interesting site that Mike Chambers pointed out was scalenine which already provided some skins for use with Flex.

I’ve got to get my hands dirty on this…


Flash Builder Logo Found out from various blogs (flashblog & Duane’s world) that Flex Builder will now become “Flash Builder”. It is a more appropriate name for flash platform development.

I felt uncomfortable following my Flex 3 lessons without a word wrap feature. Turns out that there were none. So in my Google search, I wound up with this:

Looks good. Procedure as follows:

1) On the Menu: Click “Help” / “Software Updates”
2) Click on the “Available Software” tab
3) Insert this url: “” in the url text field
4) Once the url has been added to the software list, right click and select “install”
5) After following the instructions, Eclipse will ask you to restart
6) In the code, right click and choose: “Virtual Word Wrap”

Your code will now appear in Word Wrap Mode.

Update (2009/05/10): Just one more comment. There is a side-effect where the line numbers display inaccurately in word-wrap mode. The author(Ahti Kitsik) mentions this in his blog as something to be addressed.

I discovered two eclipse plugins for Flex / Flash Development:

Joa Ebert released a FBDT, a plugin to create Pixel Bender filters that is compatible for Flash CS4, Photoshop CS4 Extended, and After Effects CS4. (I attended last Saturday’s workshop with Lee Brimelow and he mentioned that there are some limitations to Pixel Bender development for Flash CS4 [e.g. no loops] in coding the pixel bender filters.) Since most developers use an external IDE e.g. Eclipse, this is very ideal instead of using the one that Adobe provides.

Rich Tretola blogged about a new Eclipse plugin for Flex code formatting (for Actionscript and MXML). This is great for those who want consistency in presenting their code.  



(Update: April 2, 2009): Tour de Flex now at 1.2.

(Nov 21st, 2008) I downloaded an air app called “Tour de Flex” which is an Adobe AIR application which features all the UI components available in Flex Builder. When clicking on each UI item, it provides some sample code in MXML to cut and paste into your Flex projects. It’s a good overview on the capabilities on delivering rapid RIA’s of Flex. The link describes how the developers got a whole bunch of people to distribute the Tour de Flex app on USB keys for the 2008 Adobe MAX conference recently. Cool concept in rapidly distributing your apps for your client. 😀


While trying out Lee Brimelow’s Flex tutorial, I encountered an error in relation to debugging in Flex Builder 3 with Flash Player 10 player with this message:

“Flex Builder cannot locate the required debug version of the Flash Player. You may need to install the debug version of Flash Player 9.0 or reinstall Flex Builder. Do you want to try to debug with the current version?”

I was wondering if the error had to do with installing Flash CS4 after installing Flex Builder 3.2. I realized that the standard debug player was After scouring many sites, but I think the proper solution could be found at the Dublin Adobe User Group’s site.

I downloaded the lastest Flash 10 debug player, placed it in the Flash CS4 player folder (ie. C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Flash CS4/Common/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0/FP10). Thereafter, I added the path to it in Flex Builder’s flex property path (“project/properties/flex build path” in Eclipse).


Flash Camp logo

Flash Camp is coming...

Flash Camp is coming to Montreal. Mike Potter is coming to Montreal to give us a pep talk about Flex Builder, Flash Catalyst and etc. Free food, Free t-shirts, and more…

Find out at the swfmontreal site.