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Category Archives: Flash Builder (formerly Flex Builder)

I’ve been searching online for reasons that I get an “Assertion failure” error in Eclipse with the Ganymede build. I turns out that I needed to update the latest Flex Builder. In your Eclipse menu: Select “Help > Search for Flex Builder Updates”

More info on the web at

LordAlex co-authored the Friends of Ed book: “Flex for Designers” and is reviewed on two sites:

On our Montreal Adobe usergroup (click here) and I recently found a posting on the DMXZone (A tutorial site administered in Europe). They are giving away 5 books and you can download chapter 5 from this link. Click here. I talked to Lee Sutton who works for Adobe the other day, and he read it in one sitting when flying back from the West coast. He was surprised that you can also skin Flex components using Fireworks CS3.

BTW, the chapter that is freely downloadable from DMXZone involves Illustrator and Photoshop CS3. This is pretty cool considering that Flex is geared towards developers.

For more info on the book, check it out here.


Lee Brimelow posted that he will forward all of our gripes about the Flash code editor to be modified for the next release of Flash (CS4) through his blog. The link is here:

On the subject of the code editor, there are many in the flash community who have developed their own. I happen to use Flash Develop ( SEPY is another. And Eclipse is another. (I believe that you would need to purchase the AS2/3 plugin though.)

Lee recommends AS developers to use Flex. At this stage, I haven’t attempted to use Flex just yet because:

1) Lack of knowledge of AS3 (I am currently in the middle of reading Colin Moock‘s “Essential AS3” book. BTW, check out his site, it’s really cool. His clickable items are on the picture of the computer monitor. Neato!)

2) Don’t have Flex and am waiting for Flex 3 to come out so that I can begin there.

3) Just to jump over the learning curve from AS2 to AS3. (Big Spaceship and Senocular have tutorials for migrating over from AS2 to AS3).

I know that a lot of AS developers have been asking me: “Where have you been?” My Answer: Coding in AS2! Well, I am having my chance beginning next week to dig into AS3 when I go on parental leave. I hope this works out. I met Grant Skinner in Toronto before the AIR tour in Toronto and says that Flex is like a burger with the fixings and Flash is like the whole cow. I also heard that once you get started, you’ll never want to get back. Well, I will see.

Until next time.


Flex iconMike Potter from Adobe will be coming February 7th,2008 at Lasalle College to give us details with the upcoming new release of Flex 3. Details at:!


Unfortunately, Mike could not make it because his wife has pregnancy troubles. We’re still having the meeting and LordAlex will give the presentation. There will still be pizza, and free give aways including a copy of Flex 3.


Update: I forgot to mention that I added the flickr badge below.

I meant to write up something, but I’ll get down to it sooner or later. I placed a flicker badge with some photos. I noticed that there are a lot of them are too dark. I’ll get down to that too.

In sum, it really rocked! It was a good intro to AIR. But I think the big story was at Chicago MAX when AIR Beta 2 came out with a Flex 3 update.

Currently, a lot of Adobe people are in Barcelona on MAX. I haven’t heard much from that conference yet. Perhaps an update on Flash Lite 3, but that’s it.


The Montreal Adobe User Group Meeting was held last night and I broke the ice with “How to use a Wiimote for Flash games on a PC”. I just gave an overview about the requirements of accessing a Wiimote with a bluetooth adapter, and about the things we have to look out for while running the Wiiserver. I also presented the game we did. (I can’t post it for company reasons.) However, I’ll post a powerpoint on later. Maybe I can do a simple game with it and some coding. I wished Simon Harvey was there, he was the guy who programmed it in AS3.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Lee and Martin couldn’t make it. (At least we have something to talk about for the next August meeting. [That’s August 23rd folks.])

Zee Yang from Adobe came to talk about the Livecycle Enterprise Suite. He’s a graduate of Ottawa U, and loves to give presentations on Adobe technologies. He’s working with the Livecycle team. It was an interesting talk. Of course, I myself can’t afford such a thing (’cause it’s an enterprise suite), but it opens up a slew of possibilities of dynamically generating and customizing pdfs from the serverside of things. It’s really powerful and you can add policies so that it can be restricted to a particular user. (Check it out here.)

Since we had free time, and there were a lot of new people around, LordAlex and Zee talked about the Flex 3 beta on Adobe labs (Click here) and Adobe AIR (Click here) and about the possibilities for developers to work on it. (They commented that the code name “Apollo” really is a cooler name than “AIR”. LordAlex and Zee kept on using “Apollo” anyway. My friend Lucas agrees, “Apollo” sounds far out whereas “AIR” sounds as if it has no substance to it. Maybe call it the “Adobe Integrated Runtime” anyway.) I learned also that LordAlex is collaborating with Tom Green (click here for his blog) on a Flex book for designers — just in time when Flex 3 comes out.

We also had books, t-shirts, pens, and trial software of Acrobat 8 to give away.

So next time, I will post about when and where the next meeting will take place. (Aug 23rd) Also positively tell others about upcoming Adobe user group activities.


In my previous blog, I was looking for the means of finding the most adequate way of loading fonts through run time libraries in the most efficient manner. It was practically impossible to figure out how to preload runtime libraries via flash. Although, I had an idea of loading other swfs that point to runtime libraries that seem to work out so that I can launch an event handler on the second frame to say that the font loading process was complete, lo and behold that there was another developer who already got into it and points to a far better implementation of this ever-elusive topic for using runtime font libraries for localization. Enter by Robert Taylor. (I am not sure if there are other presenters.) He gave a presentation at last years Flash forward conference regarding localization. Check out the pdf doc he prepared. (Click here.)

And while I was going through the tutorials, I thought that this was just what I needed about advanced Actionscripting. I really recommend this site for advanced Actionscript development. Getting the videos and source code is minimal for about $25 for a month, which is plenty of time if you are dedicated to go through them. It will save a lot of headaches banging your head against the keyboard!


Ted Patrick set up a site which documents all the hidden gems relating to Flash, Flex and Apollo.

Here’s the link:

Thx to Lord Alex for the post!


CNET news gave an update on Flex 3.

Here are some notes.

  • The Flex 3 beta comes out in June of which will be released by the end of this year. (November?)
  • Open sourcing Flex follows Adobe’s initiative of pushing more developers to code RIA apps for Apollo. Last year, Adobe donated its Actionscript engine to the Mozilla foundation who make Firefox.

Click here.

If anyone has any comments as to what this really means, please let me know.


Adobe labs just released the Apollo runtime for windows and mac along with its SDK and an extension for Flex Builder.

Check it out at: