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I do a lot of cue point editing for flv formats at work. I usually use Captionate which inserts cuepoint data into the flv directly instead of creating it while converting a video file into flv. (e.g. Adobe Media encoder, or Sorenson Squeeze)

Recently, my collegue Anthony, found a new flv cuepoint management software called Richflv. It’s free as well as long as you have the AIR runtime installed. Other features:

  • flv editing (cutting, trimming)
  • Export to swf

I’ve observed some comments related to memory issues, and the maximum file capacity. I’ll give it a try and see how it works.


Adobe announces an update on the Flash player 9 which includes H.294 encoding (the same kind of encoding for HD-DVD, and Blu-ray) and DirectX support. It’s generating a big buzz around the Adobe community.

For info, click here.


Well this is the buzz since the mix07 conference in Las Vegas. A lot of people are speculating that this is the Flash killer. Microsoft is agressively getting into the RIA app market. People who know .Net, Python, Ruby, and C# will be able to use it to create RIA’s in crossbrowser (including Firefox, surprise surprise) and yes, Silverlight will run for macs as well. The player is 4 MB to download and it is fast. They are also pushing for a piece of the video market.
All it depends on is developer response. I believe there are a lot more developers of these languages (AJAX, .Net, Python, Ruby, and C#) than Actionscript developers. Right now, I am wondering about AS3. Flash CS3 has just been released, and it seems like we are almost starting on square one in Flash development. On the other hand, Adobe has two cards on the deck that I see:

  1. The integration of all CS3 products is great for design – programming. We know in the past, most of us were working with Photoshop, and Illustrator before importing our work into Flash. No more with CS3. People who want to work with Silverlight has to work with Expression. Another pain in the butt. I think Adobe just got this in the nick of time.
  2. Open source development for Flex 3. This is a boon for developers. Free development versus paying money for Expression and other language development languages such as Visual Studio 2007.

So the delimma goes, do I continue on Flash / Flex development or go into learning these technologies? It seems that every four-five years, I have to get to learn a new technology. It’s been five years already that I have been developing for Flash. Is it time to move on? Ah, agony of agonies of being a computer programmer!
Here is the link:


Yup, now Flash video will start penetrating the cell phone market. See the article here

A new Flash media encoder? Hmmm… Look like a nice time to try it out. I have been reluctant to get the upgrade for Sorenson squeeze since I have not found a good reason to upgrade it with exception to obtain the On2 vp6 plug-in.

Check it out at

Just checking the site and discovered a new release to Sorenson Squeeze at version 4.5.3 which includes encoding alpha channels while scaling (I believe that you need to get the ON2 plug-in for this), click and pop noise reduction for mp3’s, and better noise reduction.

Details at:

I just recently tried to install Sorenson 4.5 and found out that I had to upgrade it from 4.3 to 4.5. Frankly, I haven’t seen the need to upgrade just yet though it is affordable at $39 US. At the same time, I am stuck because I would also like to create Flash video with the On2 codec to use alpha channels. So a Squeeze user would need to add the On2 plugin with their software. I’m currently biding my time until CS3 comes out and get to play with it.

Another thing, Sorenson media also released a java plugin called “Sorenson Squish”. It is a means whereby users can upload and publish their videos in other formats into flvs for video sites. Since the Youtube explosion, there are now a ton of sites using Flash video.
I have recently did a Flash Video – Slide presentation with cue points by using a tool called “Captionate” (not to be confused with Adobe “Captivate”). Personally, this is the best way to edit cue points into an flv file. It’s because if you want to add or remove cuepoints, you have to re-render your flvs from Flash or Squeeze with the modified cue points.