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While working on a wordpress site, I managed to need to make a div tag into a clickable link. This is the reference:

First, there was now here comes:

Use this new community site to host open source projects built with Adobe technologies—from ColdFusion apps to Photoshop plug-ins to Flash ActionScript libraries.

It wasn’t really for me, I couldn’t stay either because of work. Maybe another time. I hope they send me an email with a discount for Adobe stuff though! And I got in a free croissant and coffee in. 😀

For a couple of years, Matthew David has been maintaining the informit Flash reference (see informit) I get a new article every week and check out his blogs. Recently, I have seen him pop up in various other sites of informit notably talking about apple ipods, and now .net 3.0. I am just wondering who’s running the show now?