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Lee Brimelow posted that he will forward all of our gripes about the Flash code editor to be modified for the next release of Flash (CS4) through his blog. The link is here:

On the subject of the code editor, there are many in the flash community who have developed their own. I happen to use Flash Develop ( SEPY is another. And Eclipse is another. (I believe that you would need to purchase the AS2/3 plugin though.)

Lee recommends AS developers to use Flex. At this stage, I haven’t attempted to use Flex just yet because:

1) Lack of knowledge of AS3 (I am currently in the middle of reading Colin Moock‘s “Essential AS3” book. BTW, check out his site, it’s really cool. His clickable items are on the picture of the computer monitor. Neato!)

2) Don’t have Flex and am waiting for Flex 3 to come out so that I can begin there.

3) Just to jump over the learning curve from AS2 to AS3. (Big Spaceship and Senocular have tutorials for migrating over from AS2 to AS3).

I know that a lot of AS developers have been asking me: “Where have you been?” My Answer: Coding in AS2! Well, I am having my chance beginning next week to dig into AS3 when I go on parental leave. I hope this works out. I met Grant Skinner in Toronto before the AIR tour in Toronto and says that Flex is like a burger with the fixings and Flash is like the whole cow. I also heard that once you get started, you’ll never want to get back. Well, I will see.

Until next time.


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  1. Its true thats it’s hard to come back to AS2. It’s so messy.

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