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A new Flash media encoder? Hmmm… Look like a nice time to try it out. I have been reluctant to get the upgrade for Sorenson squeeze since I have not found a good reason to upgrade it with exception to obtain the On2 vp6 plug-in.

Check it out at


  1. Note that FME will only encode live streams…

    For all normal file-based or pre-recorded Flash 8 video, you’ll still need to use either the basic encoder that comes with Flash Pro 8, or one of the two more full-featured (two-pass, cropping, batch, etc) encoding suites, Sorenson Squeeze or On2 Flix.

  2. Thanks for the update! Yup, you’re right on! Now, I have to try it through either a web cam or to set it up on my video camera through firewire.

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