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This was a better turn out than the last meeting. It was very exciting to talk about what’s going on.

Lord Alex talked about his experiences at the Apollo Camp at San Francisco earlier this month. There is certainly some interest out there. (Aparently, the Apollo code name will be likely the product name that will be released.)

Lee Sutton gave a presentation on Adobe Acrobat. He is involved in the Digital Editions project in labs. It’s pretty cool that you can all all kinds of media elements into pdf. So pdf is much more than a print document. You can add all kinds of media elements into it. There is also an emerging e-book market out there. Imagine, download your Disney e-books with added interactivity, videos and text. Brilliant for my kids! Also there is talk about releasing a modified pdf extension .pub which will encrypt all your media content within which includes pdf, swf, movies, etc. There is a lot of flexibility in regards to security on distributing electronic documents.

Martin Arvisais gave a presentation on Flex interacting with Communication server. He whipped up a quick chat application in 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it did not work out on Apollo. Still, Apollo is in beta.

André Bouchard gave a talk on the Delegate class. (He’s Butcho on the montreal adobe user group bulletin boards.) I just realized about the importance of this class in AS 2.0 while banging my head on the key board for a couple of hours. In short the Delegate class resolves scoping issues. What was great was that Francis Bourre that created the pixLib classes developed a better implementation of the class by adding parameters to the class. I have to give a presentation at work. It will greatly benefit.

I also got a spanking new book on “Flash Applications for Mobile Devices” as a thank you from Lord Alex. I was even considering buying the e-book on this. Cool!

A whole bunch of them are also planning a trip to FITC 2007 April 22nd (Sunday) – 24th (Tuesday). Oh how I would like to go, but my fifth child will be born around that time. Maybe next year!


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