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Swift 3D v. 5

Swift 3D v. 5

There’s a lot of buzz going on with Papervision 3D by John Grden’s team. John’s been travelling alot through LA, Toronto, London and in Amsterdam in giving workshops on how to use Papervision 3D with Flex and Flash CS3.

Interestingly, I browsed through fullasagoog and discovered that Erain has a papervision 3D export feature. I don’t know whether it is version 1.5 or 2. But it is really cool. Just click on the link below and click on “Now Playing: Papervision 3D our approach” which pops up a video on how it’s done.

My friend Lucas came back from Flash in the Can in April and came back with a discount card. Use “SHOWDISCOUNT” to get a 15% discount on Swift3d v5. I hope it’s still good.

Can’t wait to get my paws on it sometime soon.


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