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Tag Archives: AS3 Tween Engines

Update (March 25th, 2009) : Grant Skinner’s gTween and Tweenlite are being merged.

There are a lot Tween engines out there. Here are a couple available for Actionscript development.

  • The FuseKit. (AS2-based tween engine. Moses Gunesch manages this site. I discovered this tween library at Lee Brimelow‘s Flash tutorial site at gotoandlearn.)
  • The GOASAP site is Moses Gunesch’s AS3 Tween engine library
  • Grant Skinner did a major rewrite of his gTween engine recently (Feb 2nd, 2009).
  • KitchenSync (I first came across this at the Head conference online conference.)
  • Tweener (Available for AS2 and AS3. The documentation is very helpful. I use this library for my AS2 development.)
  • Tweenlite (Recommended by Papervision2D’s blog.)

When I had scoured sites over the internet, I could not really find any preference over the other. With exception to Papervision 3D Tutorial site, a blogger named Charlie [If somebody can tell me his name, I would like to know] recommened Tweenlite over Tweener for its superior speed rendering. Anyway, I am sure that someone will have some kind of speed comparison tests.