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Toon Boom Studio Version 4One of my other interests is in computer animation using Flash (ie. I am an animation hobbyist; graphic artist wanna-be 🙂 ). I kept my eye on Toon Boom Studio for years since my cousin (Tania Gray) works there. She’s been keeping me up to date about a lot of things related to Toon Boom’s activities.

It just came to my attention on the latest version of Toon Boom “Studio” now at version 4 and an stand-alone professional animation tool called “Digital Pro” (the replacement of “Solo” at $3000 – yikes!). I have Studio version 3.5. So far, I am able to draw with my Wacom Tablet, but am having a hard time grasping the concept of “pegs” (which is like motion tweening on sterioids) and to find a means to reuse my library items for other projects. The documentation and tutorials are not enough for me, which means I need more time to putz around with it. Unfortunately, I am booked on studying about Actionscript 2 and 3.

Nevertheless, it is a good alternative to use Toon Boom rather than Flash. (It’s cheaper for one thing and geared towards Animation professionals.) What might be interesting is how to import the Toon Boom Studio animations in the Flash environment via the importer. As of now, I am not sure if they have released an importer for Flash CS3.

Check out the Montreal Gazette has recently posted an article. Click here for the article.


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