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  • RT @lordalex: [RT] swfMontreal Live! December Edition. Come and join us December 3rd from 6:30PM to 9:30PM . #
  • @NikkiMK Why can't you add a watermark in Captivate? Say put in a transparent photoshop file with the logo? in reply to NikkiMK #
  • @trinefalbe Facebook says: Worried about privacy? Your photos are safe. It's in my "Settings." #
  • @NikkiMK @rjacquez Yes. You can save your Captivate files to either AS2 or AS3 compliant fla's. in reply to NikkiMK #
  • @rjacquez Whoops! Captivate 4 doesn't work with Flash Player 10.1. #
  • @NikkiMK You can export your Captivate 4 projects to Flash CS4. in reply to NikkiMK #
  • @NikkiMK Can't you export from swf to quicktime from flash and then convert it to m4v? I don't work with Apple itunes much, sorry. in reply to NikkiMK #
  • RT @rjacquez: There are many users on Twitter and very helpful, too. RT @NikkiMK: any captivate users out there? – Yup, I'm one of them. #

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