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Monthly Archives: May 2007

You can find the installation instructions from the Brighton, UK Flash user group at:


There’s been a buzz at my company to try to develop a Flash based Wii game. Well, first of all, getting a Wii is an extremely difficult task to get in Montreal when they only distribute 8 Wiis per Best buy store at a time. It’s getting riddiculous that you cannot buy a Wii since last November!

In the meantime there is a group of Flash developers wanting to work on using Flash on a Wii. The Opera browser is shipped with a Wii by which, I believe runs the Flash 7 player. It’s really cool! Click on the link below.

I believe that the Essential ActionScript series is THE book in regards to learning ActionScript Programming. Now Mike Downey interviews Colin Moock on AS3 Essentials. As of now, it is in rough cuts at O’ Colin takes a new approach to writing this book by describing what code is and what a programmer is and moves on to Object Oriented Programming. It’s launch date is June 1st.

For the video click here.

For AS3 Essentials rough cuts click here.


In my previous blog, I was looking for the means of finding the most adequate way of loading fonts through run time libraries in the most efficient manner. It was practically impossible to figure out how to preload runtime libraries via flash. Although, I had an idea of loading other swfs that point to runtime libraries that seem to work out so that I can launch an event handler on the second frame to say that the font loading process was complete, lo and behold that there was another developer who already got into it and points to a far better implementation of this ever-elusive topic for using runtime font libraries for localization. Enter by Robert Taylor. (I am not sure if there are other presenters.) He gave a presentation at last years Flash forward conference regarding localization. Check out the pdf doc he prepared. (Click here.)

And while I was going through the tutorials, I thought that this was just what I needed about advanced Actionscripting. I really recommend this site for advanced Actionscript development. Getting the videos and source code is minimal for about $25 for a month, which is plenty of time if you are dedicated to go through them. It will save a lot of headaches banging your head against the keyboard!


Well this is the buzz since the mix07 conference in Las Vegas. A lot of people are speculating that this is the Flash killer. Microsoft is agressively getting into the RIA app market. People who know .Net, Python, Ruby, and C# will be able to use it to create RIA’s in crossbrowser (including Firefox, surprise surprise) and yes, Silverlight will run for macs as well. The player is 4 MB to download and it is fast. They are also pushing for a piece of the video market.
All it depends on is developer response. I believe there are a lot more developers of these languages (AJAX, .Net, Python, Ruby, and C#) than Actionscript developers. Right now, I am wondering about AS3. Flash CS3 has just been released, and it seems like we are almost starting on square one in Flash development. On the other hand, Adobe has two cards on the deck that I see:

  1. The integration of all CS3 products is great for design – programming. We know in the past, most of us were working with Photoshop, and Illustrator before importing our work into Flash. No more with CS3. People who want to work with Silverlight has to work with Expression. Another pain in the butt. I think Adobe just got this in the nick of time.
  2. Open source development for Flex 3. This is a boon for developers. Free development versus paying money for Expression and other language development languages such as Visual Studio 2007.

So the delimma goes, do I continue on Flash / Flex development or go into learning these technologies? It seems that every four-five years, I have to get to learn a new technology. It’s been five years already that I have been developing for Flash. Is it time to move on? Ah, agony of agonies of being a computer programmer!
Here is the link:


Ted Patrick set up a site which documents all the hidden gems relating to Flash, Flex and Apollo.

Here’s the link:

Thx to Lord Alex for the post!


I stumbled upon this while reading Chris Georgenes’ web blog. He released some cool things about animation and using Adobe Flash CS3. He will also be releasing a book on how to cheat in Flash animation. Some of the animations I have already seen in previous video tutorials. See (

Overall, the workshop tutorials are like candy to me 🙂 More stuff to learn and no time to go through it.

For all the tutorial videos regarding the CS3 line, see: