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Monthly Archives: July 2007

The Montreal Adobe User Group Meeting was held last night and I broke the ice with “How to use a Wiimote for Flash games on a PC”. I just gave an overview about the requirements of accessing a Wiimote with a bluetooth adapter, and about the things we have to look out for while running the Wiiserver. I also presented the game we did. (I can’t post it for company reasons.) However, I’ll post a powerpoint on later. Maybe I can do a simple game with it and some coding. I wished Simon Harvey was there, he was the guy who programmed it in AS3.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Lee and Martin couldn’t make it. (At least we have something to talk about for the next August meeting. [That’s August 23rd folks.])

Zee Yang from Adobe came to talk about the Livecycle Enterprise Suite. He’s a graduate of Ottawa U, and loves to give presentations on Adobe technologies. He’s working with the Livecycle team. It was an interesting talk. Of course, I myself can’t afford such a thing (’cause it’s an enterprise suite), but it opens up a slew of possibilities of dynamically generating and customizing pdfs from the serverside of things. It’s really powerful and you can add policies so that it can be restricted to a particular user. (Check it out here.)

Since we had free time, and there were a lot of new people around, LordAlex and Zee talked about the Flex 3 beta on Adobe labs (Click here) and Adobe AIR (Click here) and about the possibilities for developers to work on it. (They commented that the code name “Apollo” really is a cooler name than “AIR”. LordAlex and Zee kept on using “Apollo” anyway. My friend Lucas agrees, “Apollo” sounds far out whereas “AIR” sounds as if it has no substance to it. Maybe call it the “Adobe Integrated Runtime” anyway.) I learned also that LordAlex is collaborating with Tom Green (click here for his blog) on a Flex book for designers — just in time when Flex 3 comes out.

We also had books, t-shirts, pens, and trial software of Acrobat 8 to give away.

So next time, I will post about when and where the next meeting will take place. (Aug 23rd) Also positively tell others about upcoming Adobe user group activities.


I talked to some developers on the phone (Joe Nelson) at the university of Wisconsin. He told me about a Flash / ExternalInterface project called LIBSCORM which, I believe is SCORM 2004 compliant.

Here’s the link:


Dec. 29th, 2009 : I updated the link

Sample of Papervision 3D panel

John Grden has recently released the Papervision 3D components for Flash CS3 at
John provides the link to Google code to download the .mxp, and samples including that of the x-wing fighter.
I can only say this, I am very tempted to get CS3 Web Premium now. (Now people are going to say, “Dude, what are you waiting for?”)