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Monthly Archives: December 2008

I’ve been searching online for reasons that I get an “Assertion failure” error in Eclipse with the Ganymede build. I turns out that I needed to update the latest Flex Builder. In your Eclipse menu: Select “Help > Search for Flex Builder Updates”

More info on the web at

Last year, I used the CasaFramework in my localization projects and pretty much saved me from further angst in Font usage in AS2 Flash development.

Recently, Aaron Clinger and Michael Creighton have released an AS3 version of the library. Also a new AS2 version has been released as well. (v. 1.5) I am sure there are many frameworks and libraries out there. I just mention this because they have a very good community base. I don’t know what I would do with out it in my AS2 development.

You can find the library at:


I do a lot of cue point editing for flv formats at work. I usually use Captionate which inserts cuepoint data into the flv directly instead of creating it while converting a video file into flv. (e.g. Adobe Media encoder, or Sorenson Squeeze)

Recently, my collegue Anthony, found a new flv cuepoint management software called Richflv. It’s free as well as long as you have the AIR runtime installed. Other features:

  • flv editing (cutting, trimming)
  • Export to swf

I’ve observed some comments related to memory issues, and the maximum file capacity. I’ll give it a try and see how it works.