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Monthly Archives: September 2009

  • RT @bit101: Joa: 70 fps is too slow. Optimize… 500 fps. Much better. :/ DJ -> OMG!!! #
  • @peterelst Agreed. in reply to peterelst #
  • @InsideRIA I think you have to include 64 bit vista. in reply to InsideRIA #
  • Checking out #FOTB on the web. Ack, we're already talking about Flash CS5 already! Seems the AS3 editor will use FB as an editor. Sweet. #

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And I thought there was no SVN support in Flash Develop and of course I was wrong. I just googled it and got this link:

  • Oh thank God has been improved! Now I can view the videos on my laptop. #
  • TweekDeck 3.0 is buggy. #
  • TweekDeck 3.0 is buggy. #
  • Noticed that an update to the Pixel Bender toolkit is out: #

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  • Reading questions about Enterprise Flex: #
  • @rjacquez I am kind of overwhelmed by the number of apps with it. Are you planning a sample workflow demo of E-learning suite? #
  • @rjacquez In ref to your personalizing simulations tutorial, is there a way to do validation like detecting an empty string for first_name? #
  • @sebleedelisle So only: NYC, Pittsburgh and LA are on your USA trip? #
  • Reading Keith Peter's post: #

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As far as I heard from Lee Brimelow while taking a “What’s new in Flash CS4?” course at FITC last April, the help for the CS4 suites were left much to be desired because it required a connected environment to the web. There is a work around for this since the help files are actually installed on the users’ computer. (I will update this once I find my notes on this.)

I tweeted RJ Jacquez, senior product evangelist for the E-learning and Tech Comm suites, and asked him since Adobe produces Robohelp, why wasn’t a Robohelp used for the help for the CS4 suites? It turns out that they did not have enough time, but the Captivate 4 team managed to include it. (See screen shot below.) This is a taste that you will find when CS5 is released. (I hope not too soon, I am just getting used to CS4.)

Adobe version 2 is based off Adobe AIR. It has a much improved interface and using AIR’s internet detection features, a user is permitted the user to toggle between “online” and “offline” help modes via the circle icon at the bottom right corner of the interface. I really like the comment pod (see the caption icon on the menu bar on top) where you can insert private notes or upload your comments to the Adobe community.

I had subscribed to FFDMag last year and it is an excellent magazine on Flash and Flex related development. Now,they are offering free pdfs of each of their past issues. Recently, they launched their September issue . They require an email entry. Once entered, the site will take you to another page to download the pdf file.


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