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Monthly Archives: December 2009

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I had recently worked through a quick tutorial on FreeSpin3D on the Adobe Edge magazine December 2009 edition. I had noticed this software through an ad on Flex and Flash developer magazine and so I had decided to check out the demo. Of course, using 3D in real-time to design your site is very cool and convenient. The 3D Phone above is simply applying a motion tween on the layer containing the 3D object and using the trackball to change the rotation about the y-axis.

Here are some of my notes during my tutorial experience:

1)    CPU resources take a hit during development and during rendering. Would it be preferable to be working off a workstation during the design? Regardless, even on the freespin 3D website, the rotating the IPod was chugging along. I wonder if it is an issue with my computer? (However, it is a year old and runs off a dual core Centrino, it should be responding well.)

2)    Behaviors:

  • Mouse control doesn’t respond well
  • Adding behaviours can be finicky. In some cases, I could not delete the behaviors I worked with.

3)    I would have liked to manually enter the x-y-z rotation values in text fields beside the trackball – feature request perhaps?

4)    It’s nice that they offer a 20% discount when you download the tutorial. This is fair for those who have really tried out the software.

Update: Flash had an excellent review posted.

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