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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Adobe Flash PlayerRecently, Adobe Labs has released a 64bit Flash player codenamed “Square” that would work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Wow! Before, they were working on the 64-bit Linux player. (For at least I remember, people have been clamouring for a Flash Player for 64 bit applications since Windows XP 64bit. That was a looooooonnnnngggggg time ago.) Thankfully, Adobe seems to take this seriously since my last posting related to the CNet article now that the Flash Player for mobile Android has been released. Another interesting feature is enhanced support with IE9 which “leverages the new GPU support to deliver faster and a more responsive user experience.” (Adobe blogs)

I hope this would be finally released by the time MAX comes around. đŸ˜‰


I happen to attend the free session at the Ottawa Mobile Development day. Got to thank Zee Yang who set this up. The Adobe offices in Ottawa were pretty cool. Here is a brief summary of what I learned:

  • Mobile Projects by Paulo Fierro (Jade Hopper) – Interesting overview of the mobile market.
  • Mobile AIR Development by Julian Dolce (QNX/RIM) – Gave an overview of the AIR for Android API
  • Mobile HTML5 by Mohammad Jangda (Vortex Mobile) – Quick introduction of HTML 5.
  • iPhone Development by Tariq Zaid (SelectStart Studios) – Overview of IOS development (Answered my question on distribution. Turns out that we do not need to put all of our apps on the Apple iTunes store. We can also have network distribution targeted for the vertical market.)
  • Windows Phone 7 by Colin Melia (DreamDigital) – What’s coming up on Windows 7 Phone OS (Ideal for Requires Silverlight / .Net / C# dev developers. As coming from a Flash/Actionscript background, I found it very hard to be convinced to develop for this platform.)

Next conferences on my schedule:

Flex 360 in Washington DC Sept 18-22nd. (Thanks to InsideRIA and Flex360 for the free ticket). This will be my first attendance at this kind of conference. I have been leaning towards Flash Builder lately. All my training in Papervision, and Away3D has been through Flash Builder. It would be the ideal conference to learn about best practices and workflows. Looking forward to it.

RIAUnleashed (Boston, MA) Nov. 11-12. This is a two day conference held at Bentley College. The hands-on sessions look pretty sweet.

Actually, for those who would like to attend both conferences, there is a discount available.

– David