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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Away3D 4.0 has been released which provides integration with Starling and development with Stage3D.

Rob Bateman and the open source team also inaugurated the Away Foundation. The foundation would be supported by company sponsorship of which Adobe is a major funding partner. (I mean why not? The Away3D community has been working on this this API for 5 years now.) This would permit the development of 3D Flash enabled applications without any licensing costs, or fees.

So I decided to give Captivate 6 a go at it. I thought it would be interesting to post a screen capture of which languages and OS options were available. I thought having a 64 bit Windows option very interesting. There has not been word about a new version of the E-Learning suite. I think this has to do with the launch of the Creative Cloud and how can other Adobe software fit in. (Although I do think that obtaining a subscription to the Creative Cloud is a worthwhile upgrade $29.99 a month for owners of CS3 and up until the end of August 2012.)