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JavaScript 3D APIs

Recommended browsers for WebGL support requires the most modern browsers. (FYI, IE 11 recently has enabled WebGl.) For more information on WebGl support, please refer to Many tutorial sites recommend using Google Chrome to access the JavaScript console for debugging purposes.

Recommended Tutorials:

  • Udacity : Eric Haines’s FREE “Interactive 3D Graphics” course gives an overview of 3D graphics and development. Not only does he use Three.js as the API to play around with 3D graphics, but also gives a good explanation about all aspects of 3D development such as materials, transforms, etc. He keeps the material interesting with anecdotes and interviews with Autodesk inc’s designers and developers. Those who are taking the course must be comfortable in JavaScript development.

Flash 3D Libraries

Usage of Adobe AIR is a good practice for desktop (Windows/Mac) and mobile  Android/IOS) development.  The following are a few 3D APIs available for 3D development for the Flash Platform.

3D Software

Animation Software

  • ToonBoom (Animation) includes Animate! (Professional), Studio (Hobbyist), Flipboom (Children and Teens)

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