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No Flash is not dead.

Adobe released an update to Flash Professional CC to include export HTML5 animations using the canvas tag. Previously in CS6, it was provided as an extension for the CreateJS framework. Now, it is fully integrated into the application. I expected Flash to go this route as it is already a very good platform for creating lightweight animations for the web.

Flash Professional CC December 2013 Update

Flash Professional CC 2013 December Update


Paul Trani (see below) and Joseph Labreque give a general overview on the update.

Adobe has introduced their game developer tools for the Flash platform. (Now available on the creative cloud.)

Adobe Scout - Profiler for Flash Development Scout (formerly project Monacle) gives the developer a superior profiling tool during development and optimization of flash-based content.

Adobe Gaming SDKThe Adobe Gaming SDK includes libraries for Starling, Feathers, and Away3D. It leverages usage of your target device GPU.

Flash C/C++ CompilerThe Flash C/C++ compiler (formerly Alchemy) takes your C/C++ code to target the Flash player. (Update: This has now been open-sourced as Flash Crossbridge on github:

Due to the ever-changing culture of the web, it is no long realistic to just focus on the Adobe Flash Platform. At this stage of my professional career, it is important to know the nuances of differing web technologies particularly related to HTML5. Last year, I have seen this paradigm shift of web development emerge from several events:

  • The conferences I attend to no longer just focus on the Flash Platform; it is a migration of web technologies to javascript libraries and HTML5
  • The market increasingly demands in mobile app development and in compliance for HTML5 type of browsers

Although I love working with the Flash Platform, it is important for a developer to know the pros and cons of using any sort of technology and to know which tool is best for the job.

This year, I plan to get my feet wet in certain JavaScript technologies (jQuery, node.js, impact.js [for game development]). Regardless, the Flash Platform is still a viable platform for development particularly in the gaming industry and in 3D application development taking advantage of the Stage3D features of Flash Player 11. Away3D is also another Actionscript library to look forward to since I had attended last year’s Flash in the City conference seeing how the .awd file format renders 3D objects at a phenomenal rate.

In e-learning, I’ve had the chance to create simulation-based courseware, and I am pariticularly happy how things worked out. I hope I can get the time more into widget development. But I expect the CS6 suites to come out in the spring time, so I might have to wait it out.

There is so much to learn, but it is definitely an exciting time to be a developer.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Adobe Flash PlayerRecently, Adobe Labs has released a 64bit Flash player codenamed “Square” that would work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Wow! Before, they were working on the 64-bit Linux player. (For at least I remember, people have been clamouring for a Flash Player for 64 bit applications since Windows XP 64bit. That was a looooooonnnnngggggg time ago.) Thankfully, Adobe seems to take this seriously since my last posting related to the CNet article now that the Flash Player for mobile Android has been released. Another interesting feature is enhanced support with IE9 which “leverages the new GPU support to deliver faster and a more responsive user experience.” (Adobe blogs)

I hope this would be finally released by the time MAX comes around. 😉


In view of the upcoming Flash conference, CNet noticed a topic on a new feature of the upcoming Flash Player notably 3D support. This isn’t a surprise. It sounds like a revisit of Macromedia Director all over again. (Ala Battlestar Galactica “Razor” episode – “All this has happened before and will happen again. Again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again.”) I wonder how this will change the existent 3D APIs already like (Away3D, Papervision 2, and 3, etc…)

The 64bit issue has been mentioned as well.

Check out the link:


It’s been too quiet on the 64bit front. My OS now uses 64bit computing. It seems that they are taking this route as “top priority” (now that 10.1 has been released for browsers and for mobile, they can shift resources over to 64bit player development.)

The article is linked below:

My prediction: They’ll announce it at MAX 2010. (I hope.)


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