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Category Archives: Flash Player

Adobe has introduced their game developer tools for the Flash platform. (Now available on the creative cloud.)

Adobe Scout - Profiler for Flash Development Scout (formerly project Monacle) gives the developer a superior profiling tool during development and optimization of flash-based content.

Adobe Gaming SDKThe Adobe Gaming SDK includes libraries for Starling, Feathers, and Away3D. It leverages usage of your target device GPU.

Flash C/C++ CompilerThe Flash C/C++ compiler (formerly Alchemy) takes your C/C++ code to target the Flash player. (Update: This has now been open-sourced as Flash Crossbridge on github:

I had already posted this issue on my blog beforehand. Now that Windows 7 has been released, there is a growing demand to have a 64bit Flash player. (Actually, as I have scanned the web and in the Adobe bug database, it was requested since 2001 for 64bit Windows XP.) I suspect that there has been a big push for Flash player development across the mobile community and feature development for Flash 10.1.

The only suggestion that I can make is for our developer and user community who love flash to demand for a 64 bit Flash player on the bug database. ( So sign up, and make your voices heard! Adobe does listen, its looks like a matter of priority and demand.