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  • Mad Vertices by Jim Foley is a Papervision 3D Tutorials site. You can find it at this link:

He also includes tutorials using Swift 3D.

Happy Actionscripting!

I haven’t posted in a while because I am full time in development of localized Flash applications in 11 languages with Flash 8 / AS2. The objective was that I include embedded fonts with externalized xml and css content. (Embedded fonts are required since I cannot modify properties with device fonts such as rotation and scaling.) Then I created tags in my xml file to correspond to labels in my animations. This was a tricky job, but I got it worked out.

The hardest aspect of localization development was to embed fonts into flash. There are many sites that addresses localization in flash development. (I realized that such development is getting to be an art form.) The Adobe site unfortunately doesn’t really help that much in this respect.

The free Fontastic engine at is a good site. He also gives a quick overview of the intricacies of localization with Flash since Flash Player 7. There are video tutorials, but it has been very difficult to get in touch with the web administrator. I even tried to use three different emails to renew my video subscription but to no avail. Anyways, I had to move on and continue development.

Fontastic inspired me to use font symbols in external libraries. Later, I found that in my development that I was restricted to use only 255 characters. This is great for latin based characters (e.g. English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese…) Maybe with exception to French. I needed to include the “oe” character, by creating a new font. (I use fontCreator by High Logic. )

Since I had to develop for Japanese, Chinese, and Greek, I was forced to include Unicode. So I thought about scouring the web one last time. But lo and behold, there was the What the Zend framework is for PHP, the Casa framework is for Flash AS2. (An AS3 is in the works as we speak.) I began using the FontManager class and removed all references to my font library symbols. I had successfully ported over to Japanese and am working on Greek and Chinese.

Notable Links:

Flash and CSS:

Flash Shared Font Libraries:
Flash and Unicode:

Flash and Device Fonts: (A hack)

Dynamic Fonts with Flash:

I have stumbled again to a flash tutorial site but this one involves sound. Sound has a powerful effect on animations. It’s funny that most of these principles that I have seen in this site is similar to Acid Pro by Sony media. Anyway, it’s a very good reference. Check it out!

Flash sound tutorials are found at!


In my previous blog, I was looking for the means of finding the most adequate way of loading fonts through run time libraries in the most efficient manner. It was practically impossible to figure out how to preload runtime libraries via flash. Although, I had an idea of loading other swfs that point to runtime libraries that seem to work out so that I can launch an event handler on the second frame to say that the font loading process was complete, lo and behold that there was another developer who already got into it and points to a far better implementation of this ever-elusive topic for using runtime font libraries for localization. Enter by Robert Taylor. (I am not sure if there are other presenters.) He gave a presentation at last years Flash forward conference regarding localization. Check out the pdf doc he prepared. (Click here.)

And while I was going through the tutorials, I thought that this was just what I needed about advanced Actionscripting. I really recommend this site for advanced Actionscript development. Getting the videos and source code is minimal for about $25 for a month, which is plenty of time if you are dedicated to go through them. It will save a lot of headaches banging your head against the keyboard!