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These are my personal bookmarks on various Adobe Flash Resources, tools, and e-learning.

Actionscript Code Snippets

Actionscript Libraries

  • CasaLib (Open source) Has AS2 and AS3 versions. I used this library for loading fonts in AS2 at runtime. It saved my life! 🙂
  • Greensock Probably one of my favorite Actionscript Tween libraries
  • Canadian Flash guru’s libraries. Includes GTween, Performance Test, Throttler…
  • SWFAddress The authority on SEO for flash-based site development. (The Gaia framework uses this.)


Flash Builder (previously Flex) Resources

Flash Media Server

Flash Detection

Firefox Plug-ins



(Dec 5, 2010) It has come to my attention that the term “frameworks” are too general to differentiate between the Flex framework and of the emergence of design architectures that have been in development in the past few years. Thus, after reading “Flex 4 in Action” I have decided to separate this into its own topic.

First Generation Micro-architectures:

Second Generation Micro-architectures


  • Flash & Flex Developers Magazine (Great magazine for the Flash developer community, and now a monthly online publication.)
  • Flex Authority (Flash Builder Professional Tech Journal)
  • WebDesigner (UK Web Design Magazine – This is a good mag for flash designers and trends in the web design industry.)
  • Net (UK Web design magaine which is not related to Microsoft .Net)

Open Source

Particle AS3 Libraries

Pixel Bender


  • Grant Skinner‘s Presentation notes; I must say that this is worthwhile to go through; Particularly the notes on “What every Flash Developer should know.”
  • Grant Skinner Libraries: He plans to put this up on Google code.

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  1. This is a great flash resource list. Is there a way to recommend more sites to list on your resource page?

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