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Tag Archives: Flash 64 bit player

Yesterday, Adobe labs released a 64 bit Flash player alpha for Linux. I kind of wish where is the state of the flash player for Windows. Last Fall, I had upgraded my desktop to Vista Ultimate, and bought a new laptop with 64 bit Vista Home premium. Obviously there is an emergence of the 64 bit operating systems that come along with new windows-based systems.

It is a nice step for Adobe to persue 64 bit computing and media development. (e.g. Photoshop CS4 64 bit) But there is one thing that I wish for is to have a 64 bit Flash player. I do not delight realizing that IE’s default browser is its 64 bit equivalent and I cannot run a single embedded Flash element in it while I am developing my e-learning courses when my default browser opens IE 64 bit. There is bound to be a greater demand very soon.

For now, Adobe suggests that we use the 32 bit version of IE. I suppose I will need to uninstall 64 bit IE until Adobe comes out with a 64 bit player.

But as I ponder about this, if Silverlight manages to penetrate the browser market with 64 OS’s that is shipped with new laptops and desktops, they can put more pressure on Adobe to release a new 64 bit player. (Of course, they would need to ante up their marketing for the MAC userbase and testing beforehand.)

Maybe an announcement at MAX 2009 would be a good time (or even better at another conference like FITC. 😀 ).